Thanksgiving is meant to be a holiday full of delicious food and deep loving conversations with friends & family. With all good company, means loads of food, dirty dishes, and more piling up in your drain ways. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent clogs from forming in your drain this holiday season.

To begin, it is extremely important that you understand that your drain is not a garbage can. Avoid dumping the leftover turkey and pumpkin pie down the drain. Oils, fats, grease, corn husks, turkey bones, eggshells, and stuffing are all Thanksgiving clogging culprits. 

To eliminate clogs generated by greasy food, organic matter, and soap scum the Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener is a hero product.  Harnessing the power of professional strength, the Drain Opener destroys tough clogs with 2X the concentrate compared to other leading bleach products. Work begins in as little as 5 minutes. The Drain Opener is coming soon to and Amazon!

If you’re struggling with build-up or clogs, consider using a kitchen sink strainer for additional drain protection. 

The Disposal Genie is a Danco exclusive garbage disposal accessory with stopper strainer capabilities that allows liquid and particles to flow freely, while preventing expensive silverware and more from slipping down the drain! Available in six trendy colors such as Blue, Black, Green, and Red.

Danco’s line of mesh strainers is a must-have in your sink drain to catch unwanted food particles and debris when cooking or washing dishes. The stainless steel mesh is designed to catch falling debris while water flows through the drain system peacefully. 

While treating your kitchen drains, do not neglect the bathroom drains. Prepare your septic beforehand with the Septic Tank Treatment Powder  designed to treat  grease + hair, organic matter, food, and soap scum build-up. Use regularly for best results. 

Make sure guests have easy access to bathroom trash to avoid dumping unnecessary objects or materials in the septic that may result in a toilet clog.

For houseguests using your shower, investing in hair catchers is a smart move. In bathroom showers, a Shower Drain Hair Catcher effectively catches human or pet hair, soap particles, and other debris. The non-slip shower drain protector has a drain screen with a non-slip, silicone rim that keeps the flat drain hair catcher in place which keeps debris out of your drain and helps prevent clogged drains. This shower strainer is high-quality and rust-proof for reliable performance and longevity.

Danco’s Suction Cup Hair Catcher is best used over bathroom tub drains. This drain accessory catches excess hair through its patent pending suction cup design clings to the stopper, keeping the hair catcher in place when the stopper is open or closed.

For shower drain protection, the Build-Up Remover dual action biological + enzymes gobble away debris like hair or soap scum. Monthly maintenance ensures faster results and premium protection against slow-running drains and hairballs. Build Up Remover is coming soon to Wal-Mart or Amazon.

Do not stress over a potential plumbing fiasco this Thanksgiving because Liquid Rhyno ensures long-lasting protection against clogging and helps you save big on unwanted plumbing expenses.