Liquid Rhyno is pleased to announce that it will be featured on an episode of Designing Spaces airing on Lifetime TV December 7, 2022, and December 21, 2022. The segment “Keep Your Drains Clog-Free” spotlights plumbing drain solutions featuring the Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener, 62 FL oz. Launching December 2022 on

Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener breaks through clogs with 2X the concentrate than leading bleach products. The drain opener liquid dissolves hair, soap scum, and organic matter. They are used for residential and industrial use and are available in multiple sizes, including 16 FL oz., 32 FL oz., 62 FL oz., and 1 Gal.

The segment shares the journey of homeowners – The O’Grady family and their experience with clogged drains inevitably caused by hair, grease, pet fur, and other residual build-ups in their home. The family puts the Drain Opener to the test in a bathroom with ongoing drainage issues. The program provides an instructional demonstration outlining how to utilize the buildup remover to obliterate a sink drain clog.

The family uses septic tank treatment and other Liquid Rhyno’s products in their drain maintenance routine to prevent grease, hair, and food build-up. The family is able to quickly solve a drain clog plumbing problem with Liquid Rhyno products without spending an astounding amount of money on professional plumbing services. The fast-acting formulation of biological enzymes clears up clogs and build-up in minutes. Read more