More than 1/5 of American homes utilize a septic system to process household waste, yet your septic system is likely something that is often overlooked in the home. That is until there is a huge problem that will cost you a pretty penny to repair. In order to keep your septic system running smoothly and reduce risk of issues, it’s important to know how to properly care for your septic system with the right treatments and products.

To keep the septic system in good physical condition you should schedule a septic pumping every three to five years. This will reduce sludge build-up that may be gathering in the tank and pipes. Additionally, implementing low-flow water fixtures and laundry appliances will decrease the wastewater input into the system.

While you may believe that using natural or homemade cleaning agents in your laundry and plumbing systems is safe, these ingredients may be harmful to the health of your septic system. Many of these cleaning products will eliminate the bacteria necessary for a septic system to break down solid waste and kill pathogens that will flow into the leach field.

Heavy usage can lead to clogs and build-up within your septic system. For these types of septic clogs, our Septic Treatment Powder is recommended. Designed with a uniquely formulated blend of digestive biological enzymes, the Septic Treatment Powder breaks down household waste and paper. The healthy natural bacterial enzymes eat away existing build-up and through monthly maintenance help ensure a healthy septic system. Additionally, it’s a safer alternative to harsh chemicals and is safe for all septic, city sewage, and plumbing systems. Available soon on Amazon and at Wal-Mart.

To use the Septic Treatment Powder simply add the recommended amount of product based on issue, flush, and repeat routinely to maintain septic health.


Kitchen and bathroom drains including the sink, shower, and bathtub are usually the epicenters for germs and require routine cleaning with septic-safe cleaners. Another great, safe, strong drain cleaning solution is the Build-Up Remover. Designed to preserve the life of your septic and drains, it destroys tough clogs caused by grease, hair, food, and organic matter. It is formulated for optimal strength to clear clogs quickly as it is formulated with a premium blend of biological enzymes designed to cut through standing water & tough clogs.




Septic treatmentFor use in toilets and drains, pour the recommended amount of product into the drain, flush with water, and repeat monthly. The Build-Up Remover is coming soon to Amazon and Wal-Mart.





Regularly caring for your septic and plumbing with the right products is the secret to maintaining a healthy system. Liquid Rhyno is designed to provide helpful solutions that relieve the hassle related to plumbing problems.