If you planning an party or event it’s important to begin the extra cleaning needed to prepare for guests, parties, and other festivities. With all the extra people who will be in your home for these events, now is the time to make sure you don’t have clogged drains that could lead to rather embarrassing situations during the festivities.

There are a multitude of commercial drain opening products available on the market, but unfortunately many are composed of harmful chemicals that can cause more harm than good to your health and your home. Before purchasing a drain clog remover product, it’s important that you know what type of drain cleaners to stay away from. Instead of using drain cleaner chemicals, you should instead opt for more natural solutions that are less harmful than the ones you may be considering.

Common Types of Drain Cleaners

There are 3 common types of at-home drain cleaners available on the market. They are

  • Caustic drain cleaners
  • Oxidizing drain cleaners, and
  • acid drain cleaners

Many well-known, brand-name drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are considered unsafe for humans and damaging to the environment. The list of unsafe chemicals includes:

  • sulfuric acid
  • Bleach
  • hydrochloric acid

These chemicals are included in many common drain cleaners because they dissolve food, hair, and other waste rather easily, but can cause extensive damage – not only to your plumbing system but to your health as well.

In order to handle these products safely gloves, face masks, and goggles are required. Likewise, these products put environmental plants and wildlife at risk. Additionally, these chemicals will also cause damage to the drain systems in your home. Over time, the chemicals found in common liquid drain cleaners will corrode the metal or plastic in your pipes, leaving holes that lead to leaks and costly water damage.

Better Options

Before you purchase one of those brand-name chemical-based drain cleaners, it is vital that you take a close look at the ingredients list to ensure you are purchasing the most effective and safest option.

LiquidRhyno offers a great line of drain openers, clog busting, and monthly drain cleaning products designed to keep drains free-flowing and septic systems safe. LiquidRhyno Drain Opener have 2X more concentration than other leading cleaning products, and the no-clump liquid drain clog remover cuts through standing water.

While the Drain Opener does contain bleach, the formulation is deemed safe as it works to dissolve organic matter, grease, hair, and soap scum. When used as a drain opener, sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach, breaks down into 95–98% salt and water. The remaining 2–5% is easily handled and/or removed either by sewage treatment or a septic tank where it degrades naturally. Because of this, no liquid bleach enters the environment as it reacts with organic matter in pipes and is consumed long before it reaches sewage treatment.

LiquidRhyno also has a line of uniquely formulated enzyme drain cleaner and drain maintenance products that have a premium blend of natural enzymes + biologicals. When the Build-up Remover and Septic Treatment Powder are used monthly, it will keep your household drains flowing freely and your septic system healthier.

LiquidRhyno’s line of drain opening and drain maintenance products are non-damaging to pipes and are safer than most chemical-based cleaners. At LiquidRhyno, the health and well-being of our customers & the environment is a top priority and we translate that when designing our products! It is understandable that the switch from traditional chemical household cleaners to natural products isn’t always easy. If you slowly make the change, you can protect your home, health, and environment in the long run.