Your plumbing system is one of the most important systems in the home. For a system already working hard to make your life so convenient, your garbage disposal and plumbing system must be working correctly to avoid serious problems that will cost you tons in repairs. So what is the right way to protect your garbage disposal?

While disposals are great for removing unwanted leftovers, food, and waste, anything you can’t chew on your own should not go down the garbage disposal.

 Here are some ideas to understand how to use your garbage disposal system correctly:

  • Foods such as rice, grains, or pasta expand when wet and can lead to clogs even after running through the disposal.
  • Do not let fibrous foods such as celery stalks or vegetable stems from getting entangled in the disposal and strain the system.
  • Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) should never be disposed of in the drain. The problem is that these materials will congeal in your pipes as they cool down. After frying in oil or sautéing in butter, pour these fats and grease into a can and freeze them for disposal, and not in the garbage disposal.

Follow these tips to prolong the life of your garbage disposal, prevent a clog, and maintain a healthy plumbing system.

  • Run the garbage disposal on a routine basis. This will exercise the equipment to prevent build-up, rust, or corrosion.
  • Use the Build-Up Remover on a monthly basis to eat away hair, grease, paper, food, and soap scum. The Build-Up Remover’s powerful formula developed with dual action biological + enzymes eliminates slow-flowing drains and garbage disposal odors. To use the Build-up Remover, pour 16 fl. oz. (1/4 bottle) of product into the drain. Flush the drain with warm water for 30 seconds. For best results, use it at the end of the day to allow the product to work overnight in the drains.
  • When using the garbage disposal, use cold water. While hot water melts food in your disposal to decimate the waste, cold water hardens waste, making it easier to grind and flow through the system.
  • Avoid blocking your drains and eliminate clogs with Danco Stainless-Steel Kitchen Mesh Strainers. The sink strainer is ideal for placing in your kitchen sink drain to catch unwanted food particles and debris from flowing down your sink drain, which can cause a clogged drain. While catching debris, the sink strainer basket allows water to pass through and keeps the drain flowing freely. The durable stainless steel mesh construction provides strength for everyday use.
  • The Danco Disposal Genie I strainer can protect you and your garbage disposal against costly damage! The Disposal Genie I allows food and water to flow freely into the garbage disposal while preventing splashing (acting as a splash guard). It also prevents silverware and other non-food items from slipping into the drain.
  • If you have come in contact with a clog, use the Drain Opener to rampage through tough clogs. The Drain Opener uses 2x the concentrate, then leading bleach products to destroy greasy foods, organic food, and soap scum. To use the Drain Opener, slowly pour the entire bottle directly into the drain. Allow working for at least 10 minutes. Bigger clogs may take longer. Flush with warm water and repeat if necessary. Wash hands and contact area thoroughly after handling.

Following these tips will keep your disposal clean and fully functional. If you run into garbage disposal problems, bring out the big horns and rampage through tough clogs with Liquid Rhyno!