Danco, a leading supplier of home repair and replacement parts for major home improvement retailers, proudly announces the expansion of its Liquid Rhyno brand to over 500 additional Lowe’s stores nationwide. With its mission to provide homeowners with effective solutions for plumbing issues such as clogs and septic back-up, Danco’s Liquid Rhyno offers an innovative lineup of drain care products designed to tackle the toughest challenges.

Danco’s Liquid Rhyno charges headfirst at plumbing problems, offering homeowners the opportunity to tackle these issues without the disruption, hassle, and cost of calling a plumber. The brand’s portfolio includes a range of products tailored to combat even the most stubborn clogs, ensuring drains remain free-flowing and efficient.

Among the standout products in the Liquid Rhyno lineup is the Drain Opener. This drain clog solution breaks through tough clogs with 2X the concentrate. Designed for both residential and industrial use, it effectively dissolves hair, soap scum, and organic matter, leaving drains clean and fresh. Available in multiple sizes, including a 30 FL oz. or 62 FL oz, homeowners have options to suit their needs.

Danco is thrilled to expand the availability of Liquid Rhyno products to over 500 Lowe’s stores across the United States! Danco’s Liquid Rhyno offers homeowners a fast-acting solution to plumbing issues, empowering them to maintain their drains without the need for professional assistance. The extensive range of products combined with the company’s commitment to effectiveness and convenience, spotlights that Liquid Rhyno is a household name in home care and maintenance space. With this store expansion Danco is ecstatic to make Liquid Rhyno accessible more to Lowe’s customers across the region.

For more information on the complete range of Liquid Rhyno Drain Opening & Maintenance Products, visit Liquid Rhyno’s website: (https://www.liquidrhyno.com/). Transform your plumbing experience and charge through clogs with Danco’s Liquid Rhyno – the ultimate solution for a clear and efficient drain system.