Danco™, a leading supplier of home repair and replacement parts for major home improvement retailers, today announced the brand launch of Liquid Rhyno, a new brand of drain care. Liquid Rhyno charges headfirst at plumbing issues such as clogs and septic back-up to help homeowners successfully tackle these problems without the disruption, hassle, and cost of calling a plumber.

The portfolio of Liquid Rhyno products brings forth the best solutions for the most complex plumbing problems. The Liquid Rhyno product portfolio includes:

Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener: Drain care can be a raging battle. Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener breaks through touch clogs with 2X the concentrate than leading bleach products. Its innovative formulation cuts through clogs created by hair, soap scum, and organic matter. Designed for residential and industrial use, this drain opener is available in multiple sizes, including 16 FL oz., 32 FL oz., 64 FL oz., and 1 Gal.

The Liquid Rhyno Septic Treatment Powder: This powerful formula clears septic issues, quickly breaking down common build-up materials, including hair, grease, and organic matter. The premium blend is safe for all septic and city sewers. The Septic Treatment Powder is fast-acting and neutralizes septic odors. The 20-ounce bottle contains 25 treatments to properly treat, care for and maintain a healthy septic system.

Liquid Rhyno’s Build-Up Remover: For aggressive pipe build-up, Liquid Rhyno’s Build-Up Remover dissolves years of sediment, restoring your drain. While eating away build-up from hair, grease, paper, organic matter, food, and soap scum, our product remains a safer alternative to harsh chemicals. This central line cleaner is engineered to wash out those nasty clogs and is intended for monthly use to clear, clean, and restore your drains. The Liquid Rhyno Build-Up Remover is available in 64 FL oz. This premium blend truly does it all.

Whether looking over his horn to size up a challenge, flashing a confident, devil-may-care grin, or jutting his horn out as the tough guy… Liquid Rhyno charges headfirst at whatever household plumbing issue comes its way. Liquid Rhyno is the hard charging muscle bringing powerful solutions for even the toughest plumbing problems… every time!

Liquid Rhyno products will be rolled out soon to Amazon and Wal-Mart!