Summer is the perfect time when your pooch may jump in the lake, toss around in the mud, and play in their own filth! However, when it’s time to bathe your pet, their fur seeps into the drain, causing clogs. Here’s how to safely wash your pet and prevent clogs.

Groom your dog

Brush your dog’s coat regularly to keep it clean and shiny while collecting shedding hair. Another option would be to take your pets to the groomer for regular washes and grooming. 

Protect your drain

Install a drain hair catcher over your tub/shower drain. Danco Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher and strainer has an innovatively designed flower shape with unique tiny pegs that catch and trap unwanted hair and debris along the silicone petals to catch hair before heading down the drain. This protects the drain from getting clogged. 

While bathtub hair catchers are helpful tools to capture pesky hairballs, some canine dog breeds have hair so thin and fine it can slip through the hair catcher. Luckily, at Liquid Rhyno, we offer viable drain opener solutions to common plumbing problems like clogs! Check out the Buildup Remover – its dual action biological + enzymes are designed to eat away at hair, grease, paper, organic matter, food, and soap scum. Regular maintenance helps prevent slow drains and buildup on drainpipe walls! 

To use:

  • Pour 16 fl. oz. (1/4 bottle) of product into the drain.
  • Flush the drain with warm water for 30 seconds.
  • For best results, use the Buildup Remover at the end of the day to allow the product to work overnight in the drains.
  • If the drain continues to drain slowly, repeat treatment for 3 consecutive days.

For monthly maintenance, repeat steps 1-3 to prevent clogs due to dog hair. We suggest using the Drain Opener. It contains 2X the concentrate than leading bleach products dissolve hair, grease, and soap scum in as little as 5 minutes. 

To use: 

  • Slowly pour the entire bottle directly into the drain.
  • Allow working for at least 10 minutes. Tougher clogs may take longer.
  • Flush with warm water, Repeat steps if necessary.
  • Wash thoroughly after handling.

With the right Liquid Rhyno products and Danco home solutions repair parts, it is possible to bathe your dog and keep clogged drains at bay!