Clogged drains can cause overflowing sinks, toilets, and damage to pipes – not to mention that they can disrupt your daily life. Thankfully, fixing a clogged drain is fairly simple! LiquidRhyno offers a wide range of clog eliminating and pipe protecting solutions that eliminate grease, hair, food, organic matter, and soap scum buildup.

If you find that your pipes have blocked, here are some easy and effective ways to clear them:

Manual efforts

After you determine the source of the blockage, the first step is to attempt to remove it manually. Usually, clogs in shower drains are caused by a buildup of hair & debris near the top of the drain below the film. Use a flashlight to determine the exact area and try to remove the blockage. You can also use plunger, snake, and augers to reach further into drains. LiquidRhyno offers an easy and efficient line of products to clear clogged drains in any home.

Solution Mixtures

Some clogs are stuck further down in the pipes that require potent solutions to clear the drains. You can use a safe chemical mixture such as the LiquidRhyno Drain Opener to destroy the toughest clogs due. The solution eliminates typical household drains buildup like grease, hair, food, organic matter, and soap scum to restore a free-flowing drain.

You can also use the Drain Opener is fast-acting, and eliminates a clog in as little as 10 minutes! All you have to do is pour, wait and flush with warm water. The active ingredients within the Drain Opener are 2 times more concentrated than leading bleach products! In addition, the Drain Opener features a no-clump formulation, which allows it to cut through standing water to avoid water removal. The specialized formula also works as a hair and grease drain opener for industrial or residential drains.

Septic Treatment Solutions

The Septic Treatment Powder is designed with a powerful formula of digestive enzymes and biologicals that break down all types of build-up. When poured into the drain, the solution eats away build-up protecting your septic tank, pipes, and main-line plumbing systems from costly backups. Regular monthly treatment of the Septic Treatment Powder will prevent slow flowing drains and septic sewage issues. Septic Treatment Powder, being a natural treatment, also neutralizes foul-smelling odors and restores natural growing bacteria back into the septic system that is typically killed off by common household chemicals or excessive amounts of flushed water. Septic Treatment Powder is safe for all septic systems and is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals.

The Build-up Remover is a unique formula with natural enzymes + biologicals that break-down years of pipe sediment build-up. This liquid solution is also safe for RV and manufactured home drains. What’s more, it also has a great scent that will keep those foul odors under control.

While you may opt to remove a clog in your drain manually, you could avoid dealing with the time, effort, and foul sight of drain clogs. Check out LiquidRhyno drain care products – Drain Opener, Septic Treatment Powder, and Build-Up Remover.