The New Year is all about creating new intentions and goals for yourself, your job, and your home! This New Year, set up a drain care routine to keep your drain clear and thriving and your home squeaky clean.

Your toilet, sink, and showers all have drains and should be maintained accordingly to prevent clogs and build-up. Before creating the ultimate drain care routine, you must know what not to pour down the drain!

Here is a handy list of things you should never put down the drain:

  • Oil, grease, and fats – if poured down the drain, they will absorb moisture in the pipes to form water-resistance barriers that will solidify, corrode, and build up over time.
  • Coffee grounds are not water soluble and typically build up in pipes mixing with grease and oil, alluding to build-up. 
  • Shells from an egg can damage garbage disposal blades as the membrane can become caught around the grinding apparatus, not allowing the disposal to operate correctly. Additionally, the shell may break into smaller pieces leading to drain blockages further.
  • Starchy foods such as rice and pasta should not be tossed down the drain. When rice or pasta comes in contact with water, it will absorb and expand, causing swelling in the pipes.  
  • Baking materials like flour or yeast turn into a thick gloopy, almost glue-like substance when mixed with water which can lead to a major drain clog dilemma. 

We suggest using a fast-acting drain-clearing agent such as the Drain Opener for immediate drain clog resolution in sinks and shower drains. Now available online at Lowe’s, the Drain Opener busts through tough clogs using professional strength and 2X the concentrate compared to other leading bleach agents.

How to use Drain Opener:

  • Eliminate drain clogs using the Drain Opener by slowly emptying the directed amount into the drain.
  • Next, allow the liquid to sit for at least 10 minutes. Tougher clogs may take longer.
  • Flush with warm water.
  • Repeat steps if necessary, and wash hands thoroughly after handling. 

For slow-flowing water in the sink, tub, and toilet drains, the Build-Up Remover will be a staple in your drain care routine! The Build-Up Remover dissolves years of build-up inside pipes while breaking through common buildup that causes slow-running drains and slow-draining toilets. It’s safe for all pipes with 100% natural non-pathogenic bacteria proving to be a safer alternative to harsh chemicals for sustaining a healthy plumbing system.

How to use Build-up Remover

  • To use the Build-Up Remover in sink and tub drains, make sure the drain is clear of food and debris from the drain. 
  • Next, run hot water in the drain for about a minute. Shut off the water and pour 16 fl oz. (1/4 bottle) into the drain. 
  • Flush drain with lukewarm water for 30 seconds, and do not run the faucet for 6-8 hours after. 
  • Regular monthly maintenance will prevent bacterial build-up on drain pipe walls and decrease the frequency of slow-flowing drain problems.
  • For toilets, begin by pouring 16 fl. Oz. (1/4 bottle) of product into the toilet and flush one time. Use Build-Up Remover at the end of the day to allow the product to work its magic overnight and repeat the routine for 3 days consecutively until water is free flowing. 

The Build-Up Remover is coming soon online to Amazon and Wal-Mart!

A proper routine is critical to a healthy home-life balance, and Liquid Rhyno provides the right products to make your drain care routine a happy experience!